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  • Find out the various things that you need to know before deciding to buy property in the UK. This includes the various forms of preparation needed when deciding to buy property. Also find out what type of things to prepare for so you never get a nasty shock. The information here could help you avoid the pitfalls that many home owners have got into after deciding to purchase a flat or a house.
  • The various types of mortgages which are available for a home buyer looking to obtain a mortgage to buy a property in England and Wales. How to make sure that you are getting a better mortgage deal when you decide to purchase a house or flat, and how to avoid getting into problems when choosing a mortgage offer.
  • Other costs to be aware of when buying property so that you will not be left with any nasty surprises. These are the various costs that you will need to take into account when deciding to purchase a property.
  • Tips on how to start search for your ideal property and the type of searches which will ensure that you find your ideal home. These are things that you will need to do to find your ideal property whether it be a house or a flat, you can use this information to reduce the time wasted on finding your ideal home.
  • Tips on how to find a good estate agent and how to ensure that they look out for you and help find your ideal house or flat. The information will act as a guide on how to select an estate agent that will help you secure any property at the best price.
  • The home information pack (HIP) why this information is very important and why you should always read its contents carefully
  • Things to look out for when viewing property and reasons why you should always go along to view a property with a checklist and the information that your checklist must contain. These will help you avoid the various pitfalls that many property buyers have fallen into. Find out what they are and avoid disappointment after you have bought your property.
  • More important things to do when viewing a property for sale including vital things to look out for when considering buying a house, most of these are over looked by property buyers. How to make sure that you are not confronted with any nasty surprises after deciding to buy property; this includes a flat or a house.
  • The various factors which a home buyer should take into account before making an offer to buy a property which is for sale. This will make sure that you are paying the right price for your property and not paying above the property value.
  • Getting a mortgage tips on how to get a suitable mortgage to buy your ideal home and things you need to know before making a decision. Why you should always chose the mortgage that is right for you and how to get a better mortgage deal with your lender.
  • Reasons why you need to carry out a property valuation and survey before you ever decide to go ahead with the purchase of a property. Taking these vital steps when buying property will make sure that you do not have to live with regrets and avoid the pitfalls that others chose and regretted. This information will teach you how to find out if there is anything wrong with your property before you decide to buy.
  • Do you need to insure your property? Find out the various types of insurance policies that you will need to look into when looking to insure your new home. What insurance policy is a best fit for your new property, also find out what kind of insurance policy you will need to make sure that your property gets the best cover.
  • What other financial products will you need when buying, a list of other financial products that you might want to look into when buying your ideal home. These could help you make an informed decision when buying property, some may be essential and some might not be.
  • What else would you need to do after the exchange of contracts, a checklist of other things that you would need to do
  • How to deal avoid mortgage arrears, tips on how to make sure that you are able to deal with such problems if they arise. Who you will need to talk to so that you do not lose your property.
  • Useful resources for property buyers which can be used in the case of disputes or for further information when buying property
  • Get details on the action that you can take immediately if you are in danger of repossession. These simple steps will give you an alternative to avoid your property being repossessed. What you need to do so that you can keep your property even if you are in mortgage arrears.